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Quest Serenity 36in Complete Longboards

Quest Serenity 36in Complete Longboards

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If you’re on a quest for that endless summer feeling, then Quest’s 36” Serenity complete longboard is the skateboard you’ve been looking for. Experience idyll and summer intertwined all day long with this mid-sized board’s durable polyurethane wheels, 6” lightweight aluminum trucks, and multi-ply hardwood deck specially styled for flexibility, speed, stability, and fun.

Skateboarding will never be the same again with Quest’s Serenity complete longboards. Its 36” x 8” pro-quality, a well-built deck made of Russian Maple wood has a lot of pop to it that makes it great for landing tricks. Not only does the kick tail and slight kick nose provide more safety and added balance, the 6” rugged and lightweight aluminum trucks and durable, 65 mm polyurethane wheels also make this board ride like a summer dream. The classic tropical graphic design is just the cherry on top. So, go ahead and skateboard with never-ending summer fun.


  • Length: 36"
  • Width: 8"
  • Construction: Pro-quality Russian Maple
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • These complete longboards have a kick tail and subtle kick nose that makes getting vertical a breeze


  • 6" Rugged and Lightweight Aluminum Trucks with a reactive, reverse kingpin for smoother rides
  • 65 mm Durable Polyurethane for greater maneuverability
  • Classic, Tropical Graphics that make you think of never-ending summer fun
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