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Quest Cosmic 36" Complete Skateboard

Quest Cosmic 36" Complete Skateboard

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Be the center of attention with Cosmic 36” x 8” complete longboard from Quest! Maneuvering through multiple terrains will never feel the same way again with this mid-sized board’s sturdy deck, lightweight aluminum trucks, polyurethane wheels, and trendsetting graphics.

Shred some hills when you get the itch with Quest’s 36" x 8" x 6" Cosmic complete skateboard. Its mid-sized skateboard deck is made of Russian Maple wood and has a kicktail and slight kick nose that make it great for more advanced skate tricks. Getting vertical is a breeze, too, with its rugged and lightweight 6” aluminum trucks and reactive, reverse kingpins that offer full control over your board. Combine all those with trendsetting graphics and 65-mm polyurethane wheels, and you have Quest’s Complete Skateboard for that awesome ride.


  • Length: 36"
  • Width: 8"
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Construction: Pro-quality Russian Maple
  • With a kick tail and slight kick nose that make getting vertical so much easier and is great for mastering new tricks


  • 6" Rugged and Lightweight Aluminum Trucks with a Reverse Kingpin for smooth glides
  • 65-mm Polyurethane Wheels for faster and less resistant rolls
  • Trendsetting Graphics capture the eyes of anyone you’ll pass by
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