About Us

Our Story

Our founders’ passion for skateboarding rings true. Today, Quest Boards continues to thrive by creating quality boards that complement the leisure skaters’ lifestyle. Our mission is to help you add excitement and find adventure, regardless of where life is taking you.

What Makes Us Different

Quest Boards is a top-selling longboards brand that is based in California, USA. We make sure that style, quality, and attitude are present in each of our every line-up. Great graphics, beautiful natural artisan wood finishes, and enduring composite materials complete the picture. Transportation, recreation, and thrill-seeking are all possible as you embark on your own Quest.

From amazing shortboards to classic longboard skateboards to open-wheel, downhill Bombers, you can be sure that your very own Questboard will give you a source of thrill, recreation, and stylish expression that is uniquely yours.